Canon-VIXIA HF S11

Posted: August 23, 2009 in All about Camera

Canon has announced a bunch of new digital cameras. Not only are there new digital cameras, but digital camcorders as well.

The lone camcorder in the launch is the new VIXIA HF S11. This comes with a 64GB internal memory and an SDHC card slot. This really increases the amount of recording that you will be able to do. Run out of memory on the hard drive? No problem. Grad a memory card and keep recording. It is comfortable shooting both 24 and 30 fps and takes 8 MP photos. The bad part? It costs $1,400.The PowerShot G11 will cost $500 and be available in October. The G11 can shoot in RAW at 10MP and has a 28mm lens with 5x optical zoom. It also offers performance that is 2 stops better than the previous G10.

Filling the niche for the super zoom customer Canon offers the SX120 and SX20. The SX120 has a 10MP image sensor and boasts a 10x optical zoom. The SX120 ups the resolution a bit to 12.1 but also adds a 20x optical zoom. Lamentably they both take AA batteries so don’t expect any type of respectable battery life out of them.

The Canon S90 combines the sleek styling of the ELPH line but with the guts of the PowerShot line. What you get is a small, feature packed, performance camera. It can shoot in RAW at 10MP with a 28mm wide angle lens.

Last we have the SD980 IS. The SD980 IS features 5x optical zoom with a 24mm ultra wide lens. The 3 inch LCD screen is also a touchscreen and the camera shoots at 12.1 megapixels. Cost will be $300.

Look for these new models soon at your local electronics store soon.


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