Sony Ericsson C905a

Posted: August 29, 2009 in High quality mobile


This is the product from AT&T and being introduced recently in the market, many people are willing to get the review of this new product from AT&T. AT& T is famous for its digital camera and it engulfs the same feature. This is the mobile which is having the best digital camera experience in the world. This has a 8.1 Megapixel Camera with xenon Flash and this is not the only feature of this mobile. This is one of the best among other features. To know more about Sony Ericsson C905a just go through all the things which is going to be discussed.

This Sony Ericsson C905a is rich in feature and it has a very sleek and sharp look and this worth the name Cyber-shot. This mobile looks like a point and shoot camera from its backside as it has sliding camera lens cover. Its measurements are quite long such as 4.1 inches in length and 1.9 inches in width and thickness of 0.7 inch. All these make the Sony Ericsson C905a a heavier product in both size and look.It is provided with a strain resistant display with a dimension of 2.4 inch. You can use this also as a camera view finder, which of course is handy. It offers the user with a great image viewing experience, due to the availability of 16.7 million colors. The menu can be set in any of the following views grid, single icon and rotating, also the menu interface is identical to a normal AT&T phone which itself is very user friendly. The display brightness and the clock’s size can be easily adjusted but the only minor setback is that the timing of the backlight cannot be adjusted.

Two soft keys are found below the navigation key, one is the SEND key and the other is the END/POWER key. The other shortcut keys found are a square toggle, Activity menu key and a clear key. The Activity menu will display four tabs namely list of new events, currently running applications, and shortcuts for other applications. All these four tabs are of pop-up type. The toggle key has provision for four shortcut keys in its four sides and also when the middle key is pressed it will lead to the AT&T’s media Net browser. The toggle would light up in blue color when the phone is in camera mode, and in this mode the four sides of the toggle keys are for exposure setting, self timer, flash setting and focus mode.

There is a provision for two keys above the display screen, they correspond to the following function, the last picture or video taken can be viewed when the left key is activated, and camera album can be viewed when the right key is activated. But while in camera mode the left key corresponds to the shoot mode setting shortcut. The right key corresponds to the scene mode settings. A speaker and a light are present in between the two keys.

It has many mind-blowing features which provide you a excellent using experience thus by satisfying all your requirements. Here is a brief list of them, text and multimedia messaging, speakerphone, a vibrate mode, a calculator, timer, stopwatch, calendar, notepad, password saver, five different alarm clocks, voice recorder, PhotoDJ, VideoDJ, MusicDJ, these offers a new dimension in using images, video files, and audio files, USB mass storage, PC syncing, instant messenger, stereo Bluetooth, Media Net mobile Web browser, and mobile e-mail. But, there is no provision for POP3 or IMAP server. The C905a also provides GPS, with a AT&T Navigator.Thus we can conclude that Sony Ericsson C905a is surely the best bet for you if you are aiming for a total package with every thing within it, ranging from music, business operations, entertainment, looks and credibility.



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