Canon PowerShot SD780

Posted: August 30, 2009 in All about Camera


The Canon PowerShot SD780 IS is less than 0.75 inch thick, but manages to squeeze a 12-megapixel image sensor and 3x zoom lens into this very small package, with a sticker price of $280. While not heavy on the manual controls, the camera does have a few 2clever features, especially during playback.In our testing, the SD780 generally did well. It came up short in color accuracy, but otherwise had very sharp pictures, low image noise, and good video quality.

While not for those who want manual controls on their camera, the SD780 IS is tiny, good looking, and reasonably priced.3
In our color accuracy testing, the SD780 did unusually poorly, as Canons tend to have high color accuracy. Our color accuracy test looks at how far from known color values the camera deviates, under 3000 lux illumination. We photograph the X-Rite Colorchecker chart, and use Imatest image testing software 4to see measure the color error in our test images. Click here for more on how we test color

The SD780 has a large number of color modes, of which the most accurate was Vivid Red. It’s unusual for a Vivid mode to be more accurate than others, but we also found this with the Canon SD970. On the SD780, Vivid Red mode was very accurate for greens, light blues and oranges, but understandably over-saturated reds and cyan.

sd780specs p289330971-3

  1. chantal libotte says:

    hallo, ik ben op zoek naar de oplader van de canon
    powershot sd 780 is. kunnen jullie me hieraan helpen.
    alvast bedankt, groetjes chantal

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