This is a very simple blog site.We two frnd from Dept of  Computer Science & Engineering  of Ahsanullah University of Science and technology in Bangladesh have planed to make these kind of  blog site for help the people with importent news and many features which is related to technologies.we tried our best to give you the opportunity to know recent information about technology which is basically related to IT(Information and Technology).Hope to see you with us.Thnks to you all..

About US:

  1. Runny says:

    Better 1…..do it.

  2. LQ says:

    Site ta valo hosa. ai type ar affort khub e valo. software ar info dila aro valo hoba.carry on frnds. wish u all d bst.

  3. n!rjh0r says:

    welldone… good job…

  4. amanot rahman jony says:

    valoi information ase……..
    go ahead……

  5. Hulk Ovi says:

    nice job man……….
    go on with it…………

  6. shyma... says:

    chorom hoise…………

  7. Zayed says:

    Verry good…..keep it up…

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